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Hey! You new here?
Welcome! My name’s Lidia and I’m super glad to have you on the Learn.Inspire.Share.Thrive page!

I have dreams and goals, just like any of you, and more often than not, on my way to achieving them I face challenges, lose focus and motivation, and need that little kick which can get me back on track. This tiny web space I’ve created here is to share with you stories, experiences, hacks, musings, and tools, which we all sometimes need to help us stay inspired, productive, organized and determined to get where we want to be.

As you explore the site you’ll find useful articles on self-growth and productivity with applicable tips and practical solutions on how to create more balance and live a life that is uncomplicated, affordable and sustainable, as well as concrete tools and recommendations on how to keep yourself more efficient, both in your professional and personal life.


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