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About The Blog
LiSt Contents is a blog focused on topics like lifestyle, innovation, productivity, simplicity, and technology, which is constantly growing and reaching thousands of online readers. Its community is rapidly gaining popularity across the Internet and social media. With its authentic and trusted voice, and high quality written and visual content, the blog can help you reach your desired audience in a meaningful and creative way. 

About the Author
Lidia is a professional web content creator, ghostwriter and blog writer, who loves structure and stands for high-quality reading experience. She develops mainly B2C content with accent on user experience. Her strive for digital media and engaging write ups helps her expand the digital footprint of her partners and bring more value to their brand. 

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A graduate of the Marketing program at International Business School (IBS) – Bulgaria with specialization in Digital Marketing, 2017 

Obtained certification in the Profession “Organizer Internet applications” in “E-Commerce” by Ministry of Education, February 2014

Obtained certification in the Profession “Computer Operator” with specialization in Typewriting by Ministry of Education, May 2011

Course “Social Media Selling System” by Laura Roeder, March 19, 2015

Obtained certification in SEO training course by MOZ, February 11, 2015

Course “Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises” by William Flanagan, February 20, 2015.

Course “Product Management” by Martin Vonderheiden, March 01, 2015


Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE), MS Office (10+ years), Windows (10+ years), Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, FileZilla, Wordpress, Joomla, Open Office, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Insights, Grammarly, SmallSeoTools/Plagiarism checker, Turnitin, Buffer, ABBYY FineReader, Anaphraseus, OmegaT, Google Search Console: SEO tool, Ahrefs:keyword tool, AnswerThePublic, Siteliner

Excels at:

– website content 

– web research

– how-to guides

– original content curation

– article repurposing/rewriting

– blog publications

– informative and creative articles

– microcontent for social media


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